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26 things I want to do in my 26th year

Today is my 26th Birthday! (I'm working, grumpy, and feeling sorry for myself). Rather than write my usual post about things I have learned through my life, I thought I would look forward and list things that I want to achieve over the next year or so. So, here is my 26 things I would like to achieve over the next year.

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Learn to cook 
I have gone on a bit of a health-kick lately and become really passionate about cooking everything from scratch where possible. From learning a few basic recipes and growing my knowledge I have realised that I'm not as bad of a cook as I thought I was. This year I would really like to expand on the dishes I can actually cook and try new things.

Develop my career
After a really tough few months at work I've spent some time looking at opportunities for training and progression. I would really like to be feeling like I have 'overcome the odds' and got to where I would like to be by the time my next birthday rolls around - not sulking at work like today. 

Pimp my Ride
I can't lie, my car is basically held together with will-power and some kind of black magic. It is really difficult to look professional rocking up in it in front of the young people that I work with, let alone in front of the anyone I need to give a good first impression to, and I am in constant fear of getting pulled 'cause I look like a boy racer. It NEEDS fixing. 

Find time to exercise 
Being a particularly anti-social child I was never one for team sports, gym class, or anything that involved sweating in front of others. I have never enjoyed sports or exercise, and find it really difficult to find time to fit it in to my schedule. Thankfully I have a bit of time free now to begin trying new things, and I can try to find an exercise that I enjoy and learn how to fit it into my schedule.  

Have a holiday
I haven't had a week in the sun in about 5 years. If I don't at least have one booked by this time next year I'm quitting life and going backpacking. 

Do something for charity 
I have always enjoyed giving back to charity, even at the times where the only thing I could afford to give was my time. I would love to find time in my routine to give back, do some voluntary work, or do some fundraising. 

Stop being a damn hermit
The thing with being an anti-social child, is that you grow up to be an anti-social adult. I have moved at least 60 miles from my nearest friends, and have made absolutely no effort to make any friends since being here (other than people I work with). I need to get out of the house and meet people, and stop making excuses. 

Decorate the house
We moved into a house last October, and to say it is basic is an understatement. The place was used as a shared student house for the last four years and was neither clean or pretty when we moved in. I have slowly been adding some personal touches, and after a very deep clean and something to cover the hideous sofas it is starting to look like home... now it just needs to be less beige. 

Just keep blogging
I have been on and off blogging for TEN years now! Wouldn't it be great if I actually stuck at it for once? I want to make sure that I commit to blogging regularly on here, and not changing my entire identity again any time soon! 

Write that book
Writing a book is something I have dreamed of doing since I was only in primary school. I used to write and illustrate my own stories in little hand-made books and give them to relatives instead of pictures (yes, I've always been a nerd). It wasn't until recently that I realized what I want to write about, and now I want to make my dream a reality. 

Learn to be on time
I am AWFUL at being on time, for anything. I mean, I manage to make it to work on time every day, but other than that you can guarantee that you will be waiting at least 15 minutes for me to do things. It isn't just meeting people either, I moved house and it took me six months to move my address on some of my cards and documents. I need to learn to manage my time, and stop keeping people (and things) waiting! 

Housetrain the boyfriend
I actually have a full post about this coming up, because living with a boy can be hard work! It annoys me how things that I see as important when living together don't seem to concern him in the slightest (and vice verca) but we have finally thought of a fun way to actually compromise on this - hopefully it works and I can stop picking up dirty socks off the bathroom floor... 

Take care of my health
I have finally got to the age where I need to have regular checkups, vaccinations, and tests just to keep my body ticking. It is finally time that I stopped swerving the doctors and started taking responsibility for my own health. 

Overcome a fear
My completely irrational fear of spiders is taking over parts of my life I didn't believe that it could, and working with young people who know that I'm completely terrified is like living in hell on earth. I need to take steps to overcome my fears, and eventually would like to brave the spider-walk in London Zoo. 

Take care of my skin
Again, part of that getting older process is taking its toll on my skin. I need to begin to look after my skin, wash away the waterproof mascara and clean my pores out before I hit the pillow after a long day at work, actually moisturize once in a while. Don't be expecting a full skincare regime any time soon, baby steps. 

Practice what I preach
I write so many self-help posts I never publish, and spend most of my day doing therapy sessions giving advice at work, yet rarely practice what I preach. To go along with my 'life change' blog series on here I have made it a golden rule that I practice what I write about. Not only will it help me sort my own life out, but it guarantees that I am giving everyone better advice... and I feel like less of a hypocrite telling people to eat healthy whilst I live on take-out. 

Read my backlog of books
I haven't found the time to read a book cover-to-cover in what feels like YEARS, yet it is something that I love doing and find incredibly relaxing. I want to have read every book in my house in the next year. Hopefully rekindle my love for reading again, and let me feel less guilty when people ask how I enjoyed books they bought me for birthdays back in 2013. 

Make the niece's blanket
When my niece was born I promised I would crochet a blanket. What I didn't mention is that all I had ever crocheted was a slightly wonky scarf and a rose in a tutorial. This year I will be refreshing my ability with a beginners crochet course, and finally giving my niece her long awaited blanket. 

Switch up my style
Honestly, if there is one thing I noticed whilst moving last year it is how old and dated my clothes are! I have always been the kind of person who puts practicality before style, but it never occurred to me that maybe the very comfy hoodie I had been wearing for the last decade weren't exactly fashionable anymore. I really want to sort through what I own, create a capsule wardrobe with a few new pieces, and give the rest to someone more needy.

Learn to live frugally
It isn't just my wardrobe I would like to slimline, it is my entire lifestyle! With some of the changes I have already made since moving into my own place last year I have had a big realisation just how wasteful I can be in some areas of my life. I want to learn to live on more of a strict budget, and to recycle and reuse things where possible. Plus, there's more chance to pick up a few new skills if I'm fixing and upcycling things. 

Donate blood
I haven't given blood in almost 3 years, but with the uk blood donation service crying out for certain blood types recently, I have made it a priority to get back in. Click here to book and donate. 

Learn to be more organised
I have a really bad habit of letting things get on top of me when I am stressed, and with a job that can only be described as 'intense' at times, my life is more often chaos than calm. I would like to start implementing some of the advice I learned from my mentor at university and start to have some more order to my life. 

Actually date my boyfriend
Sometimes, me and my boyfriend feel more like flatmates than a happy couple. We went three weeks recently where we had seen each other (both awake) for a grand total of 4 hours, and communicated in an inconsistent stream of texts and snapchats. With both of us working such weird hours it can be difficult to find time together, but I'd like to try to go on a date at least once a month... not just to review new places.

Keep moving forward 
I have been doing a lot of personal development and working closely with my life coach recently and have made some progress on a lot of personal issues that have been holding me back. I would like to continue to make time for myself to do this work each week to try and ensure that I keep moving forward. I don't ever want to go back. 

"every day is a school day". But seriously, there are so many things I want to learn this year. I want to be able to iron a shirt, to make meatballs just like my mum, to take decent blog pictures, to style my hair, to blend my foundation like a pro, to speak infront of people without losing my nerve. There are courses I want to do to improve my skills, courses I want to do to further my career. The only thing that keeps stopping me is me. 

Spend more time in nature
I grew up in the countryside and have always felt more like myself somewhere that I can escape and be with nature than in a busy city. I want to make an effort to spend more time out in nature over the next year, and hopefully get to see more of the beautiful county I decided to move to. 


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