Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Rosannah Style Party

Image isn't everything, but when it takes only 7 seconds for us to form a first impression you are more likely to be judged by your outfit than your kind-heartedness and your volunteering, which is something we all worry about in professional situations like job interviews and important meetings. To be honest before I started university my wardrobe is something I very rarely considered, and the idea that different colours could suit people in different ways was something I had never comprehended - that is until I had an incident with a yellow dress that made me look like Orville crossed with a canary that made me vow to sort out what I wear! 

Thankfully, there are people who understand style, and have businesses that can offer you a colour consultation and a 'style party' to get you started on understanding what suites you. I turned for help at Roseannah,  a fair-trade company in Orchard Square, Sheffield. Rosannah sells a selection of accessories, clothes, scarves, jewellery, that are fairly traded and ethically sauced, with the proceeds going towards helping restore lives affected by the horrors of human trafficking, through charities in the UK and abroad. Their mission is to restore lives affected by poverty in developing countries and enable people to take control of their lives through trade, education, and economic independance

The owner of the company, Rachel,  also hosts Style Parties, where people get a colour consultation to see what shades and tones suit them best, and I was lucky enough to be invited along to one with some lovely bloggers a few months ago. 
Roseannah ethical style
Roseannah ethical style
Roseannah ethical style

The shop is possibly one of the most photogenic places I have ever visited, it is pristine in clean white which makes all the colours of the stock stand out. Against one wall there are large floor-to-ceiling mirrors with chairs in front of them, which is where the consultation took place. As I took a seat in front of the mirror Rachel started with a silver and gold piece of material lay next to my face, we were told to see which colour made subtle changes to my face - such as making me look younger, taking away my dark circles, and making me generally look healthier. We then repeated the process with warm and cool shades of red, blue, and pink. It turned out I suit "cool bright" colours best, and it was amazing to see that wearing them colours next to my face could actually make me look like I had a face lift!

Roseannah ethical style

After the consultation I got chance to nosey around the shop. As Roseannah works closely with charities around the world which work to empower the workers and pay a fair wage, all their products are ethical, fair trade, and sustainable. What's more is that, unlike a lot of charity products which you can buy, they are also so stylish and fashionable enough to wear with pride - especially with my new wardrobe! If you want to check out Roseannah they can be found in Orchard Square, upstairs, next to Starbucks, or online here.


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