Friday, 24 November 2017

Holland and Barett beauty kitchen

As much as I go on about the importance of looking after yourself, taking time to relax, I am guilty of sometimes working myself to the point of burn-out. This month alone I have moved house, gone on holiday, dealt with a bucket load of stress at work, been so poorly I've ended up in A&E, and been a 24/7 shoulder to cry on for a very close friend with their personal issues. I'm not going to lie, I'm physically and mentally exhausted! If there is one thing that makes it possible for me to instantly relax and unwind though, it has to be a good pamper night. I was super excited then when I heard that Holland and Barrett were opening their ‘Beauty Kitchen’ with a range that almost felt made for me – “Chill me”.

100% natural, 100% effective, 100% affordable are the promises of the Beauty Kitchen, available both online and in selected refurbished stores. It comes in 6 different ranges ‘Love me’, ‘Inspire me’, ‘Wake me’, Refresh me’, ‘Spoil me’, and my favourite, ‘Chill me’, which has strong scents of lavender and rosemary – my favourites! I was lucky enough to be sent a little goodie box from the beauty kitchen to try.

The chill-me hand soap is a beautiful spectrum of different shades of purple, it has a relaxing scent of lavender that is strong and long-lasting, resistant to other strong scents that can sometimes take over (I’m guilty of getting coffee on my hands most days). What is even better about this is how soft it leaves your hands after use, I have now got it next to my kitchen sink to help moisturise my hands after the abuse they go though cooking and cleaning.

My bath was made perfect with the bath-bomb, I tried it after my first run of three years – so I desperately needed the relaxation! It dissolved quickly turning my bath the same colour as parma-violets, and smelt gorgeous. It wasn’t as strong as other bath bombs can be either so I could wash my hair without risking it getting greasy. The best bit? The bomb is split into two halves meaning you get double the use for the same money.

My absolute favourite was the 60-second manicure. I like to take a break from my acrylics once every few months to let my nails recover from the damage of having them done. Usually this means I take weeks of buffing and moisturising to get them back to normal and to get them growing again. With the use of this, it took just two weeks. The product is like an oily exfoliating scrub that buffs away ridges, moisturises nail beds, and stimulates growth in 1 short minute. 

I was so happy when I learnt that there was a store local to me in York that stocked the products so that I could go and try out some more goodies. The new layout of the store looked fantastic, and the staff were amazingly helpful in going through the different products and what they can be used for. I definitely think that Beauty Kitchen lives up to its promises, and their products are now something I now use every day. If you have a beauty kitchen store near you pop in and see what you think! (if not, then the products are also available online)



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